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ISSF Academy Courses Overview

The D Course an online program designed specifically for rifle, pistol, and shotgun disciplines. Participants can enroll in the course either through their national federation or as individual students. Registration and payment of the course fee grant access to the chosen course module. Following a pilot and testing phase, these courses will become available in September 2024.

The prerequisite for participation in the D course is the successful completion of WADA's e-learning course ADEL for High-Performance Coaches. Coaches must register at to complete the relevant module. After finishing the course, they can download a certificate.

The D Course spans 12 weeks and requires approximately five hours per week to complete the assigned tasks. Live online lectures will be conducted nearly every week, and recordings will be available for participants unable to attend the live sessions. Typically, participants are expected to visit a shooting range at least once weekly. Tasks will be distributed and managed within the learning group using the designated learning platform.

The introduction and first week of the D Course establish a foundation for participants in their selected discipline. Our approach integrates Olympic values to guide the behavior of a competent coach, with an emphasis on safety as the foremost priority. The curriculum also addresses anti-doping education and the prevention of harassment in all forms.

The core content of the D Course focuses on shooting techniques, which are essential to a coach's fundamental knowledge. Additionally, the course includes supportive content on mental and physical training, among other relevant topics. At the conclusion of the D Course, each participant will receive a personal feedback session with an ISSF Academy Instructor.

An integral component of the learning process is the Coach Diary, which participants will utilize throughout the course to document their progress and reflections. Moreover, participants are encouraged to evaluate the course regularly and provide feedback for its continuous improvement. Upon successful completion, participants will receive the ISSF Academy Coach D Certificate.

The parashooting component for D and C courses will be delivered in 2025.

Price: 490 €

The C Course spans 12 weeks and requires approximately five hours per week to complete the assigned tasks. The curriculum includes live online lectures, recorded lectures, and seminars. Supplementary reading materials are provided to support the tasks assigned throughout the course. Some tasks will involve collaboration among participants using the learning platform.

The main content of the C Course focuses on sport science as it pertains to shooting. Topics covered include mental and physical training, nutrition, sleep, life balance, and coaching behavior. Participants will also explore their own development as coaches through the feedback process. The course offers several digital books for further study. Additionally, in-depth exploration of shooting techniques and training programming is a key component of the C Course, with the aim of fostering a comprehensive understanding of shooting performance.

An integral part of the learning process is the Coach Diary. Each participant is expected to maintain this diary throughout the course to enhance the learning experience. Moreover, participants will provide regular evaluations of the course and offer feedback to help refine and improve the program. Upon successful completion, participants will receive the ISSF Academy Coach C Certificate.

The parashooting component for D and C Courses will be delivered in 2025.

Price: 490 €

The B Course is still partially in the planning stages. It will be a hybrid course, utilizing an online learning platform while also including a one-week in-person session. The main focus will be on how to create a professional training environment for athletes. Consequently, the in-person week will be conducted at an Olympic shooting academy in close cooperation with various Confederations. These courses are set to open in autumn 2025.

A crucial prerequisite for acceptance into the B Course is that the participant must be actively practicing coaching following completion of the C Course. This is a mandatory condition for access to the B Course.

Upon completion of the B Course, participants will select a research topic, which must be approved by the Academy. The research paper will subsequently become one of the requirements for admission to the A Course.

The A Course is still primarily in the planning stage. It will be an intensive course delivered through face-to-face teaching, lasting 7–10 days. The main emphasis is on winning – training coaches in such a way that athletes achieve significant final placements and victories in competitions. For this reason, the sessions will be held in conjunction with World Cup events across all disciplines. Research articles will be reviewed, and coaching journals will be shared. The first A level course is set to begin in latest 2026.

A critical requirement for acceptance into the A Course is that the applicant must be actively involved in coaching duties, aiming to secure a full-time position as an Olympic shooting coach. Additionally, those who successfully complete the course will have the opportunity to become a coach at the ISSF Academy.

The ISSF Coach Licence renew process

The Federations have been asked to verify the current licenses on the ISSF database. To ensure accuracy, we urge all holders of any type of ISSF Coach License to complete the provided Coach Activity Report (CAR) form. Our aim is to renew as many licenses as we can.

From September 2024, ISSF coach training will follow the structure and principles outlined in the diagram.

ISSF Academy provides a comprehensive coaching education program for shooting sports coaches. The program is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge and skills they need to help their athletes reach their full potential. The program is based on the latest research in sports science and coaching theory and is delivered by a team of experienced coaches and sports scientists. The program is designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing coaches to study at their own pace and in their own time. Coaches who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion from the ISSF Academy.


Howspace learning platform

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Online course benefits


Students can access high-quality materials anytime, anywhere, allowing them to fit learning around their own schedules.


The course is accessible from anywhere in the world, enabling individuals from various geographical regions to participate.

Low Costs

An online course is generally less expensive than a traditional face-to-face course, as it eliminates the need for transportation, accommodation, and taking time off work, among other expenses.

Enhanced Interaction Options

Our platform offers discussion forums and chat features that facilitate direct interaction between students and instructors.

Motivational Support

Instructors provide motivational support, drawing upon years of experience in online training and education.

Flexible Task Deadlines

Practical tasks come with ample time to complete them, accommodating the varying schedules of participants.

Online Consultations

Instructors are available for online consultations between lessons directly through the platform.

Rapid Assistance

Students can receive almost immediate assistance with issues encountered on the shooting range or during individual study, either through the platform or via communication apps.

Extensive Individual Consultation Opportunities

There is almost no limit to the individual online consultations available. (Additional consultations can be purchased if needed.)

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