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Our values

Fostering Olympic Values, Ethics, and Advanced learning through Modern Technology

The Academy will be more than just a collection of courses. It is an educational system founded on Olympic and democratic human values, high ethical standards in sports, deep learning, and modern technology.

Embracing Continuous Learning and Growth in the Sport Through Online Accessibility

From an individual's perspective, joining the Academy signifies a commitment to continuous learning and a long-term journey of growth within the sport of shooting. With online accessibility, the Academy welcomes individuals from all around the world.

Academy's diverse learning opportunities pave the way for personalized educational journeys

From an educational standpoint, the Academy is a comprehensive and multifunctional entity, offering a range of educational experiences from individual lectures and masterclasses to full-scale training and coaching courses.

Our vision

"To preserve the sport we love we must work hard for the future. The ISSF Academy will play the main educational role to fulfill the task and be the center of cooperation inside the shooting family. Together we are strong!"


Mr. Luciano Rossi

ISSF President

"Our behavior makes our values visible to those around us. Mutual respect and trust create a psychologically safe environment for everyone. Enthusiasm drives motivation and leads to results. Learning is essential for development, requiring a mindset open to feedback and coaching in all that we do."


Dr. Vesa Nissinen

ISSF Academy Director

Shooting sport sciences

Shooting Sport Sciences is a multidisciplinary field concerned with understanding and enhancing human performance. It encompasses knowledge, methodologies, and applications from sub-disciplines such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor control, motor development, and exercise and sport psychology, as well as their interactions.

Sports scientists are trained experts who assist athletes in achieving their best possible performance. They evaluate, research, assess, and advise on coaching, training, competition, and recovery practices across all areas and levels of sports. This can involve providing information and technical and practical support on training, biomechanics, technique analysis, nutrition, sleep, and various performance optimization strategies. The ISSF Academy will create a database for scientific articles and promote research activities.

Mental capacity building is an area of special interest in shooting sports. It relates to psychological issues such as motivation, stress, arousal, and coping strategies. The dynamic assets include personal mental programming for competitions as well as overall positive thinking and emotional balance. Behavioral sciences offer methods and tools for developing human interaction and personal growth.

In shooting sports, the supportive elements of performance optimization include technical knowledge about weapons, cartridges, and equipment, as well as training technology and shooting data analysis.


Our mission

The ISSF Academy is committed to implementing and operating a comprehensive shooting coaching education program for all levels.

Our key tasks include:

  • Establishing and managing a state-of-the-art shooting sport academy, known as the ISSF Academy
  • Planning, organizing, and delivering educational and training programs, beginning with shooting coaching courses
  • Compiling and leveraging expertise in education and training to enhance coaching within the sport of shooting
  • Ensuring the highest possible quality of all services provided
  • Fostering strong cooperation within the global shooting family

Our position

The ISSF Academy fosters a collaborative network among athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts, aimed at elevating the standards of professionalism and core values in the shooting community.

The Academy unites athletes, coaches, leaders, and sports supporters, including those from the shooting industry. Networking and cooperation on a global scale are essential to its success. Upon successful completion of courses, the ISSF Academy will issue ISSF Coaching Licenses and other educational certificates as appropriate. Maintaining the official registers will continue to be a responsibility of the ISSF. The Academy aims to be inclusive of the entire shooting family and serve as a portal to the core values and professionalism represented by the ISSF.



Our board

The ISSF Academy Board will:

  • Oversee the operations of the Academy,
  • Evaluate the feedback from all programs and courses,
  • Assist the Academy in enhancing existing services and developing new ones, and
  • Seek global cooperation partners for the Academy.

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